hi. i'm Lead. i'm mainly a programmer but i draw sometimes.
  • i've been programming for as long as i can remember.
  • drawing since 2020.
self rating: 10/10

i consider myself to be proficient at these languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • Lua
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Dart

things that i can do/have done:

  • writing native, cross-platform software (in C/C++)
  • reverse engineering proprietary network protocols
  • writing discord bots
  • making stuff on the web (the reason why you're even here right now)
  • making games on roblox (where i started!)
  • procrastinating while working (expert)
  • ...and more (probably)

might or might not be for hire at any given time. contact me for more info.

self rating: 7/10

i usually draw fan art of characters that i like from various media, which includes but is not limited to: anime, manga and video games. check 'em out on my twitter or my pixiv.

i do not take commissions, but you can send me requests.

art usage guidelines
you can:
  • use my art as your social media pfp (pls credit me if you do)
  • share my art on imageboards or pinterest (with a proper link to the source)


  • use my art for AI training (i will fucking kill you)
  • repost my art on social media

if your intended use case is not mentioned here, please ask me for permission. thank you.

please contact me via email: click here to show

if you wanna have a chat with me, send me a friend request on discord (guess the username lol) and send me an email with your username. or you can skip the email part but i might not accept random friend requests.

about this site
written in html/css/ts. built with vite + handlebars. blog additionally uses 11ty.

Frank says hi.